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Variable Speed Voice

We provided the electronic controls for an audio exhibit at the Catawba Science Center in Hickory, NC. William Katzman, Director of Exhibits was building a new exhibit for "Energy Avenue" which would allow a visitor to record his or her own voice and then play it back at variable speed to see what it would sound like. Katzman had concluded that there were no recorders available "off the shelf" which would meet all of his requirements without modification. He had ruled out several approaches and was reluctantly prepared to settle with using a personal voice recorder which would only provide three speeds-- normal, fast, and slow. That's when Katzman met Brett Pierce of Interactive. Katzman wanted more speed control in the exhibit and Pierce was able to meet the need by customizing an Interactive Special Effect Controller.

Pierce worked closely with Katzman to understand his needs and to provide a simple and cost effective solution to enable the new exhibit with all the desired features.

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