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Special Effect Controller

 This compact, capable, and reliable controller has been used as the basis for many exhibit control systems created and installed by IED.  

Significant Features

• 8 High-current (up to 5A) PWM Outputs (configurable as 4 full H bridges, which can be used for bi-directional DC motor control)
• 4 Digital Inputs, 1 Analog Input
• Mp3 Audio Playback (up to 128Mbps with line out and on board 2 x 6W stereo audio amplifier)
• 500KB Internal Flash (for up to 100 seconds of Mp3 file storage at 40kbps)
• SD Flash Memory Slot (for up to 2GB of external flash)
• 10MB Ethernet Port
• PS2 Remote Control Interface (wired or wireless controllers)
• RS485 Port (configurable as DMX controller)
• RS232 Port (port up to 154kbps)
• Expansion I/O Port (for daisy chaining of 1 or more expansion boards)
• Under-voltage Shutdown (to protect output circuitry)


• Microprocessor: Atmel ATmega64
• 8MIPS, 64KB flash ROM, 4K EEPROM
• Software written in C and compiled with ImageCraft AVR
• Power supply: 5 to 18VDC, 100ma to 10A depending upon loads
• Size: 5.65" x 4.20" x 1.12" (144mm x 107mm x 28mm)
• Mounting: 4 #6 screws on 5.00" x 3.75" centers (127mm x 95mm)
• Weight: approximately 6.5oz (185g)


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